Hydrotherapy for kids


Sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, tropical rain, razul, swimming pool

6-12 yr. 13€
Wet SPA amenities. A really relaxing and revitalising experience through the transition from the warm to the cool environment. The spa is designed as a circle of 60’duration that consists of the 15′ Jacuzzi, and then followed by the dry sauna, where you pour water on hot stones and gradually build up the temperature to the maximum you can bear- it reaches up to 85 Celsius. Essential oil of lavender is used to maximise your relaxation. Next is the tropical rain, an even shower that gives the same feeling that the rain forest. After the dry sauna, it definitely stimulates the blood circulation, tones the skin and senses with the eucalyptus. Then follows the steam room, at the temperature of 29Celsius. The swimming pool and the Jacuzzi are next. At last, the razul, warm, tile bed helps your body restore its natural temperature.

The SPA term derives from the Latin word SanusPerAcqua, which means health though water. In detail the majestic spa is designed by loutronomist as a revitalising hour of:

Jacuzzi (whirlpool tub) with hot water thousands of bubbles released by pressure,massage , relaxing and benefit the tired muscles.

Dry sauna. Application of Finnish origin in the temperature grows from 65th to 85th Celsius. Essential oil of lavender is used to maximise your relaxation. Dry heat in a wooden construction. The profuse sweating, caused natural detoxifies the body and opens the pores.

Tropical rain. Aromatic event shower which closes the pores and stops the process of sweating.Gives the same feeling of being in a rainforest. After the dry sauna, it stimulates the blood circulation and tones the skin with the first medium temperature shower with the essential oil of eucalyptus , jasmine, orange blossom, and chamomile. Than the frozen fog shower with cedar essential oil and peppermint aim to achieve the temperature difference and balance to your body.

Steam room. Temperature 28 Celsius.Moist heat in a tiled room. Water vapour enhances the setting of ph., hydration of the skin and clarity. By adding essential oils to steam, a pleasant, relaxing, and beneficial bathroom is achieved.

Swimming pool, Jacuzzi and relax area. A well designed area with comfortable seats to relax, where music, colours and fragrances help relax and relieve every day stress. Experience water therapy, let the magic take action, of the water to embrace your body.

Razul. Warm tile bed with natural curves helps your body restore its natural temperature.

*hydrotherapy can perfectly be combined with a body massage, a full body fresh coconut scrub, a full body chocolate mask. see also the discounted packages

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